Commercial Cleaning in 2021: Does Your Provider Measure Up?


Commercial Cleaning in 2021: Does Your Provider Measure Up?


The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to affect businesses and lives all over the Greater Houston area. In places like The Woodlands, Texas, companies have had to become increasingly adaptive and flexible in order to keep up with the shutdowns, delays, and supply and demand issues caused by the virus.

However, many business owners are finding that their cleaning companies aren’t doing the same.

Of course, Commercial cleaning companies in The Woodlands have a huge responsibility to protect not just their clients and their workers but everyone else that might walk into that office, shop, restaurant, or store. If they fail to clean and sanitize an area properly, the repercussions could be enormous. In short: who you hire to handle your commercial cleaning has never mattered more than it does right now.

Evaluating Commercial Cleaning in The Woodlands

Having a commercial cleaning company that adheres to proper disinfection and cleaning guidelines is absolutely vital to keeping your customers, your employees, and yourself from getting ill. However, if you’re a business owner in The Woodlands, you might not know how to make sure your cleaning company is up to snuff. Below, we’ve included some questions you can use to better evaluate your service provider, their methods, and their employees.

#1. Is Your Cleaner Flexible?

Operating during a full-fledged pandemic means you’ll need to take extra steps in order to ensure that you’re maintaining a safe and clean space. This often translates into extra visits from your cleaning crew or more detailed services than customarily provided. Alternatively, you might actually need to shut down for a period of time due to supply issues, employee quarantine, or other special circumstances. When things change for you, it’s important to have a commercial cleaner that can roll with the punches. At Windsor Cleaning Experts in The Woodlands, we’ve maximized scheduling flexibility so that we’re there for you when you need us most (or least).

#2. Does Your Cleaner Seem Knowledgeable?

When you talk to the managers and crew leaders at your cleaning company, what sort of impression do they give you? Can they clearly explain the “hows” and “whys” related to their job? Can they answer questions or provide confident explanations without hesitation or having to “call the boss?” If the answer is no, it’s possible that the entire crew is inadequately trained. Fortunately, at Windsor Cleaning Experts, this won’t be a problem. We provide extensive and informative training to all of our cleaning technicians. And since COVID-19 has forced professional cleaning companies in The Woodlands to step up their game, we’ve increased our teams’ supplemental education even more.

#3. Is Your Cleaner Professional?

Is your cleaning crew properly supplied and organized? Do they have proper uniforms? Do they have a variety of different materials and cleaning solutions? The answers to these questions can tell you a lot, because how your commercial cleaning company employees look and act directly reflects what they put into their work. At Windsor Cleaning Experts, we ensure our crews are properly supplied at all times, with different colored towels and solutions for cleaning and disinfecting different types of surfaces. We also make sure our team brings a professional, positive attitude with them to every job.

#4. Does Your Cleaning Crew Show Initiative?

As a business owner, you don’t have time to make sure every little job is done “just right.” Moreover, you can’t be aware of every new problem that might crop up. A good cleaning crew will not follow just follow a checklist but offer solutions you might not have thought of to solve problems of which you might not be aware. At Windsor Cleaning Experts, we encourage our crews to show initiative when interacting with our clients. This means understanding your needs while making you aware of new problems, new technologies, and new chemicals that might change them. 

The Woodlands

Since March 2020, business owners have seen COVID-19 regulations and guidelines affect their companies in countless ways. This is no time to put your faith in a commercial cleaning company that you can’t rely on to be flexible, knowledgeable, professional, and resourceful. Unfortunately, having a big name or a big van is no indicator of a cleaning company’s actual quality.

If you want a commercial cleaning provider in The Woodlands that can do all the above and more, you need Windsor Cleaning Experts. Contact us today to learn how we can help take your cleaning to the next level.