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Medical Cleaning
Photo of a medical hallway with gurney.
We understand the special cleaning needs of the medical industry.  Windsor MediClean® services comply with CDC, JCAHO and HIPPA regulations to provide the highest standards and most sanitary results.  All employees complete a comprehensive in-house training program before entering any job site and multi-lingual specialty training is provided for our chemical professionals.

Our workers are trained according to the highest standards to control infection (blood borne pathogens) and to properly clean critical-use areas such as exam rooms, nurse stations, reception areas, treatment areas, rest rooms, surgical suites, storage/utility rooms and all high traffic areas that may be exposed to medical waste.  Since pathogens use ‘dust and dirt’ as a food source and mode of transportation, microbes must be removed from surfaces without causing them to become airborne. The best way to remove pathogens in spore or vegetative form is with the use of a high quality split microfiber cloth which can remove up to 99.9% of the organic soil. As per OSHA requirements, all employees who are exposed to blood borne pathogens receive Hepatitis B vaccinations and specific training for their protection.
Windsor provides the highest quality day porter and matron services.  Our staff not only looks professional, but they’re trained to be discrete while performing your most essential cleaning and maintenance tasks where and even when you are working.  Windsor’s porters are available to clean and maintain restrooms, meeting rooms, offices, common areas, kitchens and just about any area that requires ongoing, onsite attention.  Our wide range of services can be provided at any frequency from daily to yearly and everything in between.  Windsor makes things happen according to YOUR schedule.

Our medical and other clients depend on us to clean up the absolute worst messes on a moment’s notice…..and we do it with a smile because that’s what we do!  Our clients can call us day or night to handle any number of “nightmares” that they’re not properly equipped (or trained) to handle such as cleaning up vomit, over flowing toilets, backed-up sewage and broken glass (from break ins) to name just a few.  Other emergency services include water, odor and debris removal and clean-up which may result from blocked or backed up sewer lines, fires, leaking roofs (from inclement weather), building damage, faulty equipment and other unexpected situations.  If you sign up for any contract services with Windsor, you’ll gain automatic access to our 24-hour WindsorCare® emergency clean up services.
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