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Who We Are

With over 28 years in business, Windsor is proud to be one of the most reputable and well-established commercial cleaning companies in The Woodlands, Houston and surrounding areas. We are a proactive company in a proactive industry. Proven to be an integral partner for our clients, we take customer and employee safety to a level that we are proud of. Our clients rely upon our ability to provide disinfecting services at a moment’s notice. We have certified and trained our team as experts in disinfecting through our resources at Building Service Contractors Association International, International Sanitary Supply Association, Global Bio risk Advisory Council, CDC, WHO, EPA, and OSHA.

The Windsor Standard


We take particular pride in our commitment to providing an impeccably clean and sanitary environment. All of our knowledgeable staff follow strict guidelines to ensure the time spent servicing your facility will be done in a timely and effective manner and that all of your concerns are thoroughly addressed, leading to a better and healthier working environment.

Our Team Of Advisors



Proper cleaning methods and processes along with correct chemicals and equipment are necessary in the fight against COVID-19. Windsor Management and Disinfecting Specialists are certified in proper cleaning and disinfecting by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council effective April 19, 2020, with a specific emphasis on SARS-CoV-2 / COVID 19. This certification strengthens our skills and builds knowledge in the prevention, response, infection control, and contamination control measures of known or potential infectious disease outbreak situations. This certification includes the knowledge of the importance of proper cleaning and disinfection for health. This certification provides training on the GBAC protocol for response and remediation and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, and equipment.

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The Team

All Windsor Employees have passed a 10-year criminal background check prior to employment. Our employees have been processed through the E-verification system provided by DHS and SSA. Windsor's staff are fully bonded with General Liability, Business Service Bond, Workers Compensation and Auto Liability. Our team of skilled professionals are easily recognizable with clean, crisp uniforms and company ID badges. We are dedicated in following company policies regarding PPE, professional conduct, dress code, personal hygiene, and Windsor Cleaning Standards. All team members clock in and out through an application on their personal/company cell phone which also verifies their location via GPS coordinates.

Our Cleaning Products

Windsor Building Services uses the Diversey Chemical line as our primary chemical selection. We utilize dispensing systems in janitorial closets that are equipped with mop sinks. All our training information can be found in Diversey Digital Tools.


We use the following disinfectants which are EPA registered and are on List N and effective against SARS CoV-2.

  • Diversey Virex II 256
  • Diversey Oxivir Five 16
  • Clorox Total 360 Disinfectant
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