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Standing Up to COVID-19

If you own a Houston based business, you know that investing in proper cleaning and sanitation has never been more important. You want your customers, clients, and employees to feel safe every single time they walk into your facility, and the best way to do that is with deep disinfection of high touch point areas. Fortunately, Windsor Building Services is here to help you provide you and yours with the security you deserve. As the leading commercial cleaning company in the Woodlands, our technicians can sanitize all necessary touchpoints as often as you desire, drastically reducing the chances of both viral and bacterial transmission.

Decontamination Services
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Understanding “High Touchpoints”

Shared workspaces, common areas, lobbies, and kitchens present countless opportunities for diseases to spread between individuals. The same can be said of surfaces like railings, elevator buttons, keypads, refrigerator doors, and coffee machines. That’s why you need a comprehensive touchpoint disinfection plan as part of your cleaning package from Windsor Building Services. And remember, there’s a lot more going around Houston and The Woodlands than just COVID-19. The flu, the common cold, and other common viral and bacterial infections can move through your staff with stunning speed. High touchpoint disinfection is essential to maintaining your employees’ health and productivity

How We Handle High Touchpoint Services

All of our deep cleaning professionals are trained to follow CDC guidelines for hand washing, the use of hand sanitizer, and all other recommended hygiene practices. We maintain six feet of distance from your customers and employees, whenever possible, and perform deep cleaning services in empty spaces at any opportunity. All of our equipment is disinfected and cleaned after leaving each job site, and our Houston-area technicians take great care to change their gloves and other protective equipment frequently.

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The Windsor Difference


Looking for a trustworthy commercial cleaning company in Greater Houston? You need Windsor Building Services. Our team is committed to two things: maximizing customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations. And even though we're big enough to handle any job or space, we're also small enough to know you and understand your company’s specific needs. From janitorial services to maintenance, emergency response, and post-construction cleaning, we can keep your space immaculate while you do what you do best: run your business!

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We Work With You (Not Just For You)

We Work With You (Not Just For You)

At Windsor Building Services, we do our best to familiarize ourselves with your space and the specifics of your operation. This helps us to better customize our cleaning services to your unique needs. After all, you shouldn't have to memorize every nook and cranny of your space to get a high-quality clean – that's OUR job.

Time is Money. Save Both!

Time is Money. Save Both!

Hiring a Houston-based commercial cleaning company is a smart way to save on payroll while also reducing the number of people on-side every day. With Windsor Building Services, you get a team of professionals that is there when you need them and gone when you don’t. Enjoy a safe, sanitized space every day without hiring a full-time crew.


Trained Professionals with The Latest Technology

Windsor Building Services is a family-run business, and even though our family has grown quite a bit over the years, we still make sure every person we hire is committed to upholding our high standards. We also invest in all the latest cleaning technology, ensuring we can provide commercial cleaning services competitive enough to take on any company in Houston.


Protect Employees, Customers, and Your Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, maintaining a clean commercial space is the best way to prevent harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses from setting up shop around you. This ultimately helps contribute to healthier employees, fewer sick days, and better overall productivity – all of which adds up to a healthier business for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Windsor Promise

When you partner with us, we don't just provide you with comprehensive commercial cleaning services; our staff takes professionalism and security seriously, which means you will have peace of mind knowing that your Houston-based business is in expert hands. Our personnel are always uniformed to ensure they are dressed to impress and are easily identifiable as your cleaning staff.