Cleaning And Disinfecting; Have These Practices Changed After Covid-19?

Cleaning And Disinfecting; Have These Practices Changed After Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to take more strict measures for preventing the spread of the disease. According to the research, almost 50 percent of consumers believe that these new disinfecting and cleaning practices in public, business, or domestic places are going to be permanent. People desperately want their safety at schools, restaurants, public transits, etc., and that means we can make our temporary measures from the pandemic into permanent ones to set a "new normal."

So, if you are about to reopen your business place/facility or need guidance on making a safer and healthier place, then Windsor Building Services has the tools, education, and products that can help you create a clean and disinfected workplace/facility.

Product Information

You need the right products if you are looking for healthy cleaning, and Windsor Building Services offer a wide range of disinfectants according to your needs. Our electrostatic sprayers can easily cover larger spaces such as athletic facilities, offices, schools, etc. Similarly, our wipes, liquids, and sprays enable quick touch-ups all day long.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning and disinfecting is not just a daily ritual anymore. Rather, it has become a mandatory practice that requires stronger efforts to make your facility safe. That is why Windsor has come up with a comprehensive disinfection plan to help you in optimizing your resources. Our disinfection plan allows you to target the "high-risk areas" to minimize the chances of pathogen transfer and give you maximum protection.

Champions of Clean- Proof For Your Customers

After the Covid-19 pandemic, people are more conscious about their safety and health and more conscious of whether public places and buildings are meticulously cleaned and disinfected or not. Studies revealed that 50 percent of consumers feel more confident in visiting places that have been cleaned and disinfected by reliable and familiar brands.

Windsor has initiated a program that will help our customers assure their customers that they are using the products and services of a reliable cleaning and disinfecting service to keep their facility safe and clean.

Education and Training

Educating and training cleaning staff is essential to implement any cleaning and disinfecting plan successfully. Cleaning staff need to know how to use products properly, efficiently, and effectively.Windsor is committed to a safe and infection-free place and our cleaning technicians have ongoing training to ensure your facility is always clean and sterile.

Windsor is determined to create safer and healthier public places.

We work in collaboration with BSCAI, GBAC, Clorox, CMI, ISSA, and the CDC to assist in the entertainment, retail, transportation, education, medical and travel sectors to create a safe and trustable environment for their customers and employees.