Cleaning of Educational Facilities

We are proud to be serving daycares, preschools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, including other educational facilities. We use dedicated health and safety technicians who have passed our strenuous training, and all our workers are experienced in sanitizing, disinfecting, and continuous protection services.

We consider our Nation’s schools to be among the high traffic areas for germs and bacteria. Which is the reason we believe nothing is more important than protecting children and young adults in the environment they will be learning and growing in.

It does not make any difference whether or it is a child’s play area that needs being sanitized and made safe, a lecture hall that needs to be disinfected before the undergraduates arrive, or the campus bathrooms need to be cleaned, sanitized, and safe, you can feel confident and reassured that our cleaning services are going to put an extra layer of protection into your facilities.

Educational Cleaning Concerns Is of Great Significance

The health-based chemical programs and the approach we use for cleaning schools can be adjusted to fit the individual needs of your facility. Programs we perform for cleaning are going to enhance indoor air quality and reduce the event of germs spreading throughout the facility. Which, in turn, makes for a happier and more productive environment for students, faculty, and staff members alike.

For us, cleaning educational facilities and schools is about more than creating a nice-looking learning space; it is more about providing a place that is going to promote joy in being there daily, a happier and healthier environment for learning. It will also improve the student’s attendance records. Not to mention the amount of money the facility can save in the process!

This is the reason that the cleaning products that we use are of the highest quality. We are strict when it comes to being compliant with the public CDC health standards and the OSHA regulations. The highest quality disinfecting and sanitizing chemicals are the only type of solutions we used when cleaning facilities and schools, which consists of nearly 100% bacteria, viruses, and germs. This includes the protection of students, faculty, and staff members from the same bacteria, viruses, germs, especially Covid-19, and the strands of new variants.

It is crucial to preventing the spread of different types of flu viruses, colds, and Covid (19/and newer strands) that the cleaning of a facility always repeats the routine in the same way, using the same standards every time. We use the necessary processes for our employee training, as well as our quality control measures.

It is understandable that educational facilities are constantly concerned with the cost of maintenance, cleaning, sanitizing, supplying cleaning products, maintaining clean equipment, the cost of a full-time in-house cleaning team, and paying competitive rates. It all starts adding up after a while.

In the long run, because we offer such efficient services, our cleaning team saves you money during the time we are working for your facilities. We also include pre-scheduled for floor-care. We make certain to periodically schedule services ahead of time to get an optimum appearance. By taking good care of your facilities floors, we save you the cost of needing repairs and replacements.

By cleaning on a regular basis, we can prolong your facilities hardwood floors, tile floors, floors with carpets, etc., and you are in luck, for our services include keeping track of everything so that you have one less thing to have to do. As we all know too well, accidents are going to happen. When they do, our team will be there to keep any permanent stains at bay.

Equipment breaking down will no longer be a worry for you. Furthermore, we can guarantee that there is not going to be any downtime, and we also will be supplying the equipment and the supplies we use for caring for your facilities.

The Janitorial and Cleaning Services of Schools

It is an intensive process to clean your facilities thoroughly. However, it must be done for the health and safety of your students and, of course, the teachers as well. Our team is going to care for your facilities from the ceilings to the floors, ensuring that all surfaces are prevented from spreading colds, flu viruses, and Covid-19, and all newer strands.

We Provide A Comprehensive Janitorial Service for Schools

  • Cleaning and disinfection of all restroom surfaces.
  • Chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning.
  • General cleaning of areas such as hallways, entranceways, playrooms, classrooms, the library, cafeteria, breakroom, offices, gymnasium, physical activity areas, and auditorium.
  • Green cleaning practices.
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning.
  • Hardwood floor maintenance.
  • Mopping, cleaning, and a dusting of hard-to-reach areas.
  • Regular floor maintenance for hard floors and carpets.
  • Restocking of all restroom supplies.
  • Shampooing and spot treating carpets.
  • Special event cleanup.
  • Stripping, waxing, and buffing floors.

We give our attention to the little details when cleaning, and when they are added up, the difference can be seen. The team includes dusting (baseboards, counters, kickboards, and windowsills). As well as removing cobwebs, the sanitizing of light switches, door handles, telephones, students’ desks, appliances, countertops, and cabinets.

Different Kinds of Educational Facilities We Provide Services too

Cleaning Services for Schools:

We may have to resort to different cleaning expertise, depending on the kind of educational facility you operate. The children in elementary schools and preschools do not have resilient immune systems as the kids in high schools. The students in elementary are not going to take time to properly wash their hands.

No matter what age or grade level children are in, it is crucial to keep our educational facilities cleaned, sanitized, healthy, and safe. It is also crucial that schools are kept clean, healthy, disinfected, safe, prevent the spread of Covid 19, new strands, and different variants.

We Provide Our Cleaning Services to the Following Educational Facilities:

  • Kindergarten through 12thgrade, charter schools, as well as private schools.
  • We also provide our cleaning services to stand-alone high schools.
  • We provide cleaning services to technical colleges too.
  • Our cleaning services have also been needed at vocational schools.
  • We serve colleges and universities also.

A Well-Known Cleaning Company

We have been in the position to be of help to our clients for many years, and they were more than satisfied with the services we give. This leaves us eager to show you how we handle the challenges involved in making certain that your facilities are kept clean, sanitized, safe, and healthy.

It should not be up to just anyone to decide what kind of environment and educational facility should have. It is even more encouraging that schools hire a cleaning crew that is experienced in keeping a facility sanitized to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and the newer strands and variants.

What Makes Us Different from the Other Cleaning Companies?

We will always be respectful to the students, teachers, faculty, and staff members, as well as your school while caring for your facility as if we had nowhere else to clean.

You can learn more about who we are by simply submitting an inquiry today.

Submit your inquiry now and find out how our team can make and keep your school cleaned, sanitized, safe, healthy, and prevent Covid 19 and the new strands and variants from spreading.