Commercial Cleaning in 2021: Does Your Provider Measure Up?

Whether it’s at work or at home, a cluttered space can feel chaotic, stressful, and overwhelming. In fact, studies show that cluttered, messy offices can actually lower employee productivity and cause major hiccups for your operation. So if you’re looking to boost your employees’ moods (and their performance), check out these six steps for clearing the clutter and turning your office ambiance from “jungle” to “zen garden.”

1. Start from Scratch

The only way to truly transform your space is to start at zero. That means taking out everything: shelves, desks, drawers, and more. Place them in a different part of the office, arranging them into piles (with each pile consisting of similar objects). And while you have a few beautiful moments of a completely de-cluttered space, give it a nice deep cleaning from ceiling to floor. Trust us: it will make things easier later on.

2. Take an Inventory (Of What to Keep)

Clutter is the result of us confusing the things we need with the things we don’t. The reason why we recommend taking everything out of the office first is so you can see each item as it truly is and evaluate whether or not to keep it. It’s not uncommon to find dozens of old pens, sticky notes, random supplies, and other “I might need it somedays” that you’ve been holding onto for years. Now that you have your piles, start separating them into “keep” and “don’t” keep, with the former only including the things you need for your day-to-day work. If you need, you can also add a pile for “storage” – just get it out of the office!

3. Evaluate Your Space

If clutter is a repeat problem for you, the layout of your office might be to blame. In fact, you might simply lack the proper organization and storage skills to separate what you need every single day from what you need every once in a while. In this case, you can add some extra drawers or other storage spaces and begin organizing everything based on proximity! Make sure you consider upgrading your space before you bother moving anything back into it. Otherwise, you’ll be right back to square one.

4. Get Smart About Shelves and Drawer Dividers

One of the primary reasons cluttered offices are so chaotic is that they keep you wasting time looking for stuff when you should be being productive. That’s where shelves and drawer organizers / dividers can be a lifesaver. Simply group the things you need for specific tasks together, and you’ll always know exactly where the next item you need will be hiding. With dividers, you can organize paperwork and books in a way that you can always find them at the drop of a hat. Remember, clutter isn’t always about a “lack of physical space,” it often comes down to how you use it.

5. Replace and Organize

By now, you should have an actual plan in place for how you want your office to be arranged. In fact, some of you might actually create a diagram or map just to make the process even easier. Now it’s time to move everything back in the office. Start with the furniture first, and then any decorations or inspirational items you simply can’t live without. After that, begin putting your “keep” items in their respective places, doing your best to keep things arranged in a way that will make future cluttering harder.

6. Enjoy (and Maintain) Your New Clutter-Free Space

It takes commitment to keep clutter from coming back, so make sure you take the time to put every item back in its designated place every single time you use them. Put puts in pen holders, file papers away in the correct spots, and arrange your tools so that you always know where they are. And while you’re at it, keep a duster and disinfectant wipes on hand to keep mold, allergens, and bacteria from taking up residence. You’ll ultimately be surprised just how much things will change with just a little effort.

Follow these tips, and you can enjoy a more productive, less chaotic, and more clutter-free space for years to come. Of course, while one workspace is a great start, it takes a lot more effort to de-clutter an entire office floor or building. When faced with that take, you need Windsor Building Services. As the premier commercial cleaning company in Greater Houston, we’ve already helped countless business owners de-clutter and improve their office spaces. So, if you’re located in Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, or any other Houston-area suburb, know that our professional team is standing by to help.

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