Commercial Cleaning in 2021: Does Your Provider Measure Up?


If you pay attention to new developments in the cleaning world, it’s possible you’ve heard of an exciting new technology known as electrostatic disinfection. This one-of-a-kind process utilizes a specialized spray nozzle to give the cleaning solution a mild electric charge. Why? Because this allows the disinfectant to better bond with and ultimately protect the surface from germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Such sprayers are also designed to maximize coverage of even the most oddly-shaped and porous surfaces. This allows the disinfectant to more evenly coat the surface and kill pathogens that try to take up residence there. This process is further helped by the positively charged molecules in the spray, which actively repel each other rather than pooling in corners or cracks.

It might sound like science fiction, but this process has been scientifically proven and is currently being used by thousands of cleaning companies all over the world.

Chemicals + Charge = Results

Keep in mind that this isn’t a chemical-free process, as the sprayer itself doesn’t actually do any disinfecting. That is, you can’t just fill it with water and expect the charge to repel pathogens. That said, the disinfectant used in many of these devices is much milder than what you might find in use in traditional cleaning methods. And since the combination of electric charge and disinfectant is so powerful naturally sticky, it makes it much easier to reduce human error and ensure all parts of the surface are thoroughly coated.

Electrostatic Disinfection Benefits

Electrostatic disinfection is extremely effective, as there is simply no other method that can coast surfaces as completely. But it is also a cost-effective measure because the ionic charge also helps minimize the amount of disinfectant that might be wasted during application. Everyone knows that most spray bottles and cleaning solutions involve a lot of dripping, pooling, and runoff. Electrostatic cleaning ensures that this doesn’t happen while also making sure hard-to-reach areas are covered every time.

Another benefit to Electrostatic Disinfection is that it can more easily cover large surfaces in less time. This is another way to save money on manhours and ensure great results no matter who is doing the spraying. Though trained technicians are still recommended, even the least experienced worker can still provide excellent results!

Other Interesting Facts About Electrostatic Disinfection

  • Electrostatic disinfection is only truly effective when combined with proper cleaning. That is: you can’t just disinfect an unclean surface and assume to kill all the pathogens. In fact, they’ll keep right on living underneath that layer of grime.
  • The process drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to disinfect an area while also improving the amount of space that can be covered.
  • This method is perfect for controlling the spread of viruses like the flu, HIV, MRSA, and COVID-19.
  • Electrostatic disinfection sprayers offer much more control over where the solution ends up, reducing waste and keeping costs to a minimum.
  • The solution dries instantly without having to be wiped off, saving more time and reducing the chances of re-contaminating the surface with a dirty rag.
  • Office managers and business owners can drastically reduce liability from people who get sick in their facilities, minimize employee sick days, and enjoy the esteem that comes from everyone knowing you’re looking out for their wellbeing.
  • The disinfectant used with the sprayers is safe for use around others and safe to the touch once it dries.
  • The process is perfectly safe for use on electronic equipment. However, since the disinfectant does contain water, it’s important to keep it away from laptops or computer towers.

Is Electrostatic Cleaning Right For You?

Electrostatic disinfection</a >is actually a broader solution than it sounds. Indeed, most businesses have high-traffic areas that could greatly benefit from the extra layer of protection that this service provides. That said, those facilities that have large common areas or surfaces that are particularly porous will find this to be a lifesaver (especially for their cleaning crews).

Some of the main places we provide this service are:

  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Schools and daycares
  • Large open offices
  • Doctors’ offices and hospitals
  • Commercial kitchens and restaurants
  • Transit spaces (subways, busses, shuttles)

At Windsor Building Services, we are one of the first commercial cleaning companies in Greater Houston to offer electrostatic disinfection to our wide range of customers. This safe, natural, and highly-effective process is not only ideal for keeping your employees, customers, and visitors safe, but in stopping the spread of pathogens like the flu, the common cold, and COVID-19. Minimize sick days, maximize productivity, and protect against disastrous quarantines. If you’re a business owner in Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, or any other Houston-area suburb, call Windsor Business Services today and take the first step towards a healthier workspace.

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