Commercial Cleaning in 2021: Does Your Provider Measure Up?


Whenever you share a space with other people, you know in the back of your mind that there are some serious germs being spread around. In an office, where dozens of people or more touch the same things over and over, this problem is magnified exponentially.

Speaking of magnification, a UK company called Furniture at Work recently put out research identifying the germiest, dirtiest spots in the average office. Care to guess what they are? Hint: it’s not the toilet seat.

#1 – Door Handles

There are actually 30 times more bacteria on the average office door handle than there are on a public toilet seat. In fact, when these handles were subjected to an RLU (relative light unit) test to measure contaminants, the reading was a shocking 648 RLU! That’s practically radioactive!

#2 – The Breakroom Sink

You might be starting to notice a pattern here. The more people touch the object, the more bacteria it will retain. Unfortunately, the breakroom sink is next in line, with an RLU rating of 487. This means that washing your hands is actually riskier than visiting the toilet.

#3 – The Microwave

It turns out that the handle and buttons of the microwave are absolutely teeming with bacteria. The RLU rating? A shocking 408. For reference, the toilet seat in the office restroom only had an RLU rating of 21! To make matters worse, the microwave is often one of the last things employees touch before they eat. Eww!

The other germiest places in the office included staff mobile phones, restroom sinks, the breakroom fridge, and office phones. But before you go locking yourself in the bathroom for the rest of your shift, consider the ways you and your coworkers can improve your space and your health.

This starts with proper hygiene, hand sanitizer, and some basic courtesy, but even that won’t do the job entirely. Instead, you need a cleaning team that understands how to protect your health at work. That’s Windsor Cleaning Experts. We have years of experience cleaning every type of workspace and will leave no stone unturned in our search for germs and bacteria.

If you’re in the Greater Houston area, call Windsor Cleaning Experts today to find out how we can make your office a healthier place to work.

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